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Welcome to Access Control

   Controlling who is entering/exiting is the first line of defense against
undesirable events. Credentials are profiles assigned to persons or groups
that allow or deny access into a building or room. Credentials can be
associated to entrances and can be dependent on time of day. Access control
systems range from stand alone keypads to networked panels controlling
hundreds of access points and thousands of credentials.

   Accessories and add-ons, such as badge printers and control software, can
be utilized to tailor the access control system to your specific needs.

Prox Card Keyscan, Access Control




Welcome to Area Rescue

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Welcome to Fire Alarms

   Who is not concerned about the safety of persons and property under their
authority? Fire alarm systems not only notify fire departments when a
fire/smoke/heat situation arises, but they also close air ducts and drop fire
shields to eliminate the spread of smoke and fire. Buildings and even rooms
within are classified differently depending on use, so certain requirements must
be met to satisfy safety codes.We are licensed by the State of Ohio and
certified by NICET to design, install and perform annual inspections of fire alarm
systems. We are also certified by EST for FireworX and Synergy and by Bosch
for GV2 series panels, which both offer hybrid systems with fire, access and
security solutions.

   Monitoring and annual inspections are required for fire alarm systems to
ensure proper functionality. We offer both of the above services for very
competitivie rates so your budget isn't depleted on necessities.

Fire Alarm


Welcome to Security

   Everyone has left for the evening and the guards are off duty, but you have
equipment and paperwork that need protected. Security systems offer a sure
solution for alerting authorities of intrusions or damage. Door contacts, motion
detectors, and glass break detectors create an alarm situation in the security
panel which in turn calls the proper authorities for further investigation. On the
flip side, if your church has camp-ins, the alarm system can be activated in 'stay-
at-home' mode which will alert you if someone tries to exit the building. This
keeps those inside safe from intruders while notifying you if someone is leaving
the premises.

   *Hybrid systems are available that integrate Access Control and Security for
more economical global solutions.



Welcome to Surveillance

   Surveillance systems not only offer prevention to criminal activity, but they
also give your customers and employees a sense of security.

   Analog surveillance systems offer a wide variety of cameras and Digial Video
Recorders (DVRs) fulfulling a range of requirements. One may log into a DVR via
a network connection and remotely view live and prerecorded events. Analog
systems are an efficent and fairly cost effective way to implement basic
surveillance anywhere.

   Network systems add flexibility and higher resolution to surveillance systems.
Network cameras offer high resolution video with the ability to log into the
cameras individually for live viewing. Network systems use either a Network
Video Recorder (NVR) or a computer with software to record events. NVRs can
also be logged into for viewing live and recorded material. More complex
systems can be set up using wireless networks for remote cameras and Remote
Tactical Observation (RTO) for use of law enforcements.

   A 'middle of the road' solution may be designed by integrating analog and
network cameras into a hybrid solution. Hybrid Digital Recorders (HDRs) and
software exist that make this integration easy and seamless.



Welcome to Voice Evacuation

   Fire Alarm systems notify with bright strobes and loud sirens. This is effective
for alerting occupants of a problem, but not how to react. Mass/Voice
Notification allows someone in authority to give verbal instructions to all
persons in and around the emergency area. Prerecorded messages can also be
triggered for standard announcements. Beyond fire alarm systems, voice
notification systems can also be utilized for intruder alerts, severe weather
conditions or any other situation involving public safety.

   Will a regular paging system work? No. Since this is a life safety system it falls
under the UL2572 Mass Notification Systems code. Many requirements are in
place, including speaker and amplifier monitoring which ensures functionality.

   Bosch Praesideo Digital Paging and Voice EVAC System has been
implemented in Europe for over 11 years. A network paging and emergency
evac system has complete redundancy for processors and amplifiers with alert
notification so if any piece fails, the good component will take over and alert
you of the failure. Since it is networked, a page mic may be in Ohio while you're
paging in Florida and Maine. A true global solution.

Mass Notify


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