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Welcome to Professional Audio

Crystal Clear Audio...No Exceptions.

   We offer a complete pro audio solution from sales to design to installation.
Utilizing trusted audio gear and current software, our solutions are built to
deliver superior sound.

   Football Stadiums and Gymmasiums require loud, intelligible sound so the
referee and announcer can be heard over the crowd. These systems require
powerful amplifiers and speaker systems that offer high sound pressure level.
A small mixer is usually sufficient for the inputs, but good processing is needed
to push all you can out of the speaker system without damaging it. Keep in
mind that your speakers and wiring are outside, so lightning protection should
always be used.

   *Referee Mics may need protection from wind so the sound system doesn't
sound like a wind tunnel. We can supply Rycote WindJammers to do the job.

   **FOOTBALL COACHES...don't forget your Telex Legacy Headsets.

   Houses of Worship, Auditoriums and Theaters demand versatility from a
sound system. Between several wireless mics and lots of stage mics for
performers, orchestras and band members, a mixing console can become pretty
busy. Then there may be several speaker systems for the main audience, side
fills, front fills, balcony fills and monitors for the talent on stage. All these
speaker systems may then have their own delays and equilizers. It is easily
seen how systems such as these can be complicated and demanding on sound
technicians. After proper training and practice they'll be happy for the flexability.

   *We do consult, equalized/balance and provide training for most systems.

   Conference/Boardrooms and Banquet Halls need simplicity!!! For this
reason, advanced processing and even touchscreens are usually implemented.
Ease of operation is essential since typically an untrained person will be the
operator. Source selection, volume control and room combining are essential
functions associated with these systems. A central processer controlling all
inputs and outputs is ideal for seamless operation.

   *The London series of processors from BSS Audio are perfect for these
applications with their advanced functionality and integrated BLU-10

BSS Audio, BLU-10, Touchscreen

   **BSS Audio also has recently created a cutting edge Acoustical Echo
Cancellation Card for Voice/Video conferencing

   ***When budget restraints don't allow for a new sound system, we can
nurse the current one along or replace it piece by piece with our onsite service.




Welcome to Video Integration

   Multimedia has become standard in Houses of Worship, Auditoriums and
Boardrooms, among other places. High definition wide-screen video is used
from simple Powerpoint presentations to Blu-Ray motion pictures. We offer
projectors, monitors, switching and control for every multimedia need in both
analog and digital video formats.

   *CAT5e solutions add flexibility and delivery distance to any video system.

   **Visit our Control page to see solutions for controlling a multimedia system.




Welcome to Theatrical Lighting

   When the house lights dim and the theater is in darkness, it is the stage
lighting that offers the first insight into the evening. Directors depend on proper
and effective lighting to set the proper mood and direct the audience
throughout the performance. Theatrical lighting, like all other things, comes in
many shapes, sizes and price ranges. Two types of lighting are currently
available: incandescent and LED. LED lighting has many advantages including
less electrical commitment and no bulbs to change, but the choice is yours.




Welcome to Stage Equipment

We can provide a wide range of stage equipment. See list that follows.

Custom & Stock Stage/Floor Boxes • Wall Plates • Drum Enclosures
Amplifier Isolation • Acoustical Treatment
In Ear Monitors (wired and wireless)
Break-Out-Boxes • Analog & Digital Snakes • Mic/Monitor Cabling
Direct Boxes • Mic Stands/Microphones

...yes...all that and a bag of chips!





ElectroVoice, EVA, Salem High School
Look at this install online

Electrovoice EVA Line Array

E.A.S.E. room simulation

MineralRidge H.S.
Mineral Ridge H.S. FB Stadium

Community Entasys, St. Brendan Parish
St. Brendan Parish - Community Enatasys

Poland H.S.Poland H.S.

Poland H.S. Community R2
Poland High School Stadium



Acoustical Solutions

Ace Backstage

Atlas Sound

Audio Technica

Aurora Multimedia



BSS Audio

Bosch Security

Bosch Comm.

Chauvet Lighting



Crown Audio





Extron Electronics



JBL Professional



Kramer Electronics







-Many more are not
mentioned above.