Distributed TV

Welcome to Nurse Call

   In the field of battle when a soldier is wounded and they yell for a medic,
what comfort is felt when they arrive to ease their pain. Equally as important is
the ability to push a button, and hearing the acknowledgement tone you know
help is soon on the way. Just as fire alarm systems, nurse call systems need to
work---period. Nurse call, along with the other life safety systems we deal with
are understood to be of greatest concern.

   Wired nurse call systems range from simple amplified lighting systems to
complex, computer-driven animals. We carry the whole spectrum. One great
advantage to some wired systems is the ability to have a two-way conversation
with the patient. When a call is placed at member of the staff can use a
telephone to open communications with the caller allowing quick assessment of
their need. Some systems give greater flexibility than less expensive models.
Some amount of dancing between expectation and price will be needed. The
good news is that we can work with you.

   Wireless nurse call systems give an added level of freedom to patients and
residents. Assisted living communities especially benefit from this technology
since repeaters can be placed a great distance away allowing one system to
monitor spacious apartment complexes. Hospitals and nursing homes also
integrate this technology with hard-wired systems for the more mobile
individuals, giving them security while they are on the go. While flexibility is
achieved with wireless, batteries are also needed for the operation of pendants
and other devices. Although they last for 3 years or more, this is a consideration
that must be made when deciding on a nurse call system.

   Accessories exist for both types of nurse call systems. Printers can be
attached to print reports of response time and call frequency. LCD displays can
be added at hallway ends allowing nurses and assistants to view calls without
having to run to the nurse station. Telephone and pager interfaces exist for
quiet notification and two-way communications. Paging interfaces can announce
over the paging system a pre-recorded message alerting all staff of a Code Blue
situation in a certain area of the facility.

Whatever your need...we can get it done.

Welcome to Wanderguard

   Liberty is an unalienable right given all of us by God. This can not be deigned
to any human being yet safety is a great concern when it comes to children and
the mentally challenged. When in a facility for care of any type unattended
outdoor travel is not recommended. Wanderguard systems alert nearby staff of
a patient who is potentially in danger. These systems can also be adapted to
tracking systems allowing staff to know which direction someone is traveling.

Welcome to Distributed TV

   Long hours in a hospital bed can really be boring. With tubes and wires
attached, books can be difficult to hold. Having a TV in the room allows
entertainment and escape from their current situation. We install TVs and
distribution systems giving a noise-free solution for those who wish to be
entertained or are in need of some background noise.


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