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Welcome to Soundmasking

A little can go a long way.

   A whisper in an office area will travel from one side to the other.
This is both distracting to fellow workers and not very confidential.
Acoustical treatment would help absorb some of the excess sound, but
a true solution would involve soundmasking. A pink noise source is
introduced into the air above the drop ceiling by speakers. When properly
adjusted the noise should sound like a waterfall resulting in reduced
intelligibility for a less distractive and more private work enviornment.

*Important Notice*

Soundmasking should never cause headaches or nausea.
If these symptoms are occuring contact us for an evaluation and adjustment.



Welcome to Paging and Background Music

   As proven with children, listening to classical music increases brain
activity because of its complex melodies and the processing involved.
Background music(BGM) can create a calming ambiance while quietly encouraging
brain activity which may lead to higher levels of efficiency
and productivity. BGM systems can then be utilized for paging systems
allowing basic announcements. Educational facilities utilize paging systems
not only for communication but also for teachers and students to place a
call via a wall plate. This alerts principals and others that a situation has
arisen which requires attention, providing a safer work place.

   *If an actual Mass Notification system is required, certain systems must
be installed for NFPA approval.



Welcome to Classroom Sound

30 Front Row Seats!

   Classroom sound reinforcement uses basic infrared(IR) technology for
wireless transmission between mic and mixer/amp. This introduces
a cost ef\fective way for teachers to have an even vocal presence
throughout the room without risk of straining their voice. IR technology only
operates in line of sight, allowing every classroom to have a voice lift
system without interference. Additional inputs are usually avaliable on the
mixer for DVD and laptop audio which completes the classroom experience.

   Extron Electronics offers a complete audio/video classroom reinforcement
system called PoleVault. Using a contol wallplate(see below) the teacher
can choose bewteen 4 separate audio/video inputs and the adjust volume.
Power for the projector or display can also be switched using the wallplate which
eliminates remote controls. The PoleVault is VoiceLift capable.

Extron Electronics, PoleVault, VoiceLift, MediaLink




Welcome to Board/Conference Room

In a word...Elegant.

Extron Electronics JBL Pro CRV




Welcome to Acoustical Treatment

Transforming loud empty spaces into warm quiet places.

   Lobbies, Vestibules, Gymnasiums, Auditoriums and Houses of Worship
all have one thing in common--lots of flat surfaces. These flat
surfaces quite often reflect sound which causes the room to have
boom and/or echo properties. To combat these issues, acoustical
treatment is used to absorb and diffuse sound. Ceiling panels/clouds,
banners, baffles, wall panels, and curtains are strategically placed for
optimum effect and architectual aesthetics. All treatments are available in
many shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics, and prints. Acoustical treatment adds
personality to any space while increasing intelligibilty for sound systems
and conversations.

   *Noise control and isolation is also available
for factories and other noisy enviornments.

Acoustical Treatment


Welcome to Digital Signage

Keep Everyone Informed.

   Digital signage has started where ticker signs have left off--with multimedia.
Using software and flat panel monitors, your employees can see what the
weather is, how their stocks are doing and what is on the menu in the cafe.
Your customers can discern exactly what your business does and what
services you can offer them. Think of it as a large, moving, business card.
This is accomplished in a professional and attractive manner that is easy
to implement and control. Simply log-in anywhere that has
internet access to gain full control of all display content from your
business in America and around the world.

*Special Alerts can be easily distributed to all monitors,
thus warning people of present dangers.

Digital Signage


Welcome to Control

Coming Soon...Please Check Back



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